Distillery District Wood

Reclaimed from the Historic Gooderham & Worts Distillery District in Toronto

Vintage, Old Growth Douglas Fir Timber

Douglas Fir is a softwood utilized in many aspects of Canadian construction. It is from the coastal region of British Columbia and it's one of the strongest of all North American softwoods known for it’s straight grained, tough, resilient and moderately hard character traits.

It's exceptionally easy to season, either in the open air or by kiln drying. It shows little tendency to check, warp or cup.

Douglas fir is unique among all the softwood species in that it is naturally dimensionally stable, having the ability to season in position.

This type of wood is superior for interior woodworking. It is exceptionally figured, easily finished and has the characteristic of a subtle wearing surface—whether it’s stained or clear coated it retains an outstanding paint finish.

Vertical grained Douglas Fir, when used in flooring, offers an attractive appearance. It can be utilized in ceiling decking and paneling as well.

The Distillery District old growth fir can be brought back to life in many uses such as flooring, big timber frame packages, ceiling decking, moldings, paneling, furniture or whatever your design requirements need. Contact Rick Davie at:
Office: 416-507-2412 or Cell: 647-969-7425